Central Pennsylvania Trafficking

Since October 2016 through June 2017, CJTF Analyst worked with DEA agents on a TIII wire to dismantle a violent drug cartel operating in the Harrisburg Metropolitan Area of PA. This case involved additional agency coordination to include USPIS, IRS and multiple local police departments. A combination of toll analysis, TruNarc drug testing and order report writing resulted in the disruption and dismantling of the multi-kilogram network.

Due to 17 cellphone changes to thwart law enforcement, a roving TIII wire intercept was approved for the first time in the US Middle District of PA. Nine of the 17 cellphones were intercepted. Intercepts revealed six mail parcels containing 12 kilograms of cocaine originating in Puerto Rico and the main target lead coordinated efforts to murder multiple rivals in Puerto Rico.

The case ultimately resulted in eight arrests, the seizure of $400,000; 9,722.4 grams of Marijuana, 13,000 grams of Cocaine HCL, 120 grams of Heroin and two firearms.

DOD CN Strategy: Goal 2,  Objective 4; Objective 14. SWB CN Strategy Objective 3.2.A