Technical Support

The Counterdrug Joint Task Force (CJTF) has provided support to local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies for over 20 years. We continue to expand and adapt our operations to meet today's evolving threats and vulnerabilities. Our soldiers and airmen of the Pennsylvania National Guard provide exceptional services to the law enforcement community at no cost to the agency supported.

If you are interested in support from CJTF, please contact us at the numbers to the right or via our contact page.


Ion Scan 500DT

  • Accurately detect and identify trace residue for explosives & narcotics on seized items
  • Detects trace amounts of 40+ narcotics & explosives simultaneously
  • Samples collected from U.S. Currency, Cell Phones, ID Cards, Clothing, Weapons, Vehicles, and other items
The IonScan 500DT can simultaneously identify trace particulate of more than 40 different types of explosives and narcotics. Samples can be collected from items such as: currency, weapons, cell phones, and vehicles. Trained Counterdrug operators have been qualified within the local, state, and federal judicial systems to provide expert witness testimony on Ionscan results, which aids law enforcement agencies to positively link a drug nexus and aid in their request for asset forfeitures. At the end of the test, the LEA will leave with a printed copy of the results.  


  • Extracts data from electronic devices i.e. Cell phones, Tablets, & GPS
  • Call Logs, Photos, MSM, Apps, Contacts, and more
  • Capable of extracting existing and deleted data
  • Cannot exploit Go or Prepaid
  • Capable of bypassing locked devices **iPhone 4S & higher**
  • Search Warrant


  • Category A drug identifier per SWGDRUG
  • Rapidly ID suspected narcotics, precursors, synthetics, and cutting agents using Raman Spectroscopy
  • Can scan through clear plastics, syringes, and baggies
The state-of-the-art TruNarc handheld Narcotics Analyzer will positively identify over 190: narcotics, illicit drugs, Rx drugs, precursors, synthetics, and everyday household chemicals at zero cost. The TruNarc is a category A drug identifier per SWGDRUG which offers clear and accurate results by utilizing Raman Spectroscopy. At the end of the test, the LEA will leave with a printed copy of the results.

Adventure Pro NTEP

Provides accurate weight of seized drugs and provides a customizable report without spending lots of time and money sending items to a lab.

Cummins JetScan iFX

  • Scans & tallies 1,600 U.S. Currency notes per minute.
  • Captures the serial number & image.
  • Counterfeit Detection

Portable Evidence Disposal

  • Designed to dispose of expired or confiscated designer and/or illegal substances
  • Portable and easy to setup
  • Must have an LEA on site