Drug Take Back [Transportation Mission]

In cooperation with the Pennsylvania District Attorney’s Association, Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs, and Office of the Attorney General, CJTF was able to provide logistical operations for transporting prescription drugs collected from the Drug Take Back program. The coordinated effort allowed for the legal destruction approval by the Department of Environmental Protection to all counties in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In 2017, CJTF assisted law enforcement with the destruction of 100,216 pounds of prescription drugs with an estimated street value of $50,107,850.



Drug Destruction [Portable Incinerator]

Portable Evidence Disposal

The portable evidence disposal mission was implemented in February 2015 for the purpose of having a easy to set up mobile site with the ability to destroy seized narcotics. The portable incinerator can be used on-site at any location and time. This allows for the quick destruction of narcotics, reducing time and manpower from LEA’s. A law enforcement agent/officer must be on site with our destruction team while services are being provided.


 Drug destruction totals destroyed by CJTF personnel are as follows:

2016 Totals  

Drug Weight Street Value
Heroin 116.85 oz $350,550
Cocaine 173.53 oz $312,354
Marijuana 273.4 lbs $1,230,300
Spice 586.84 g $2,934.20
Methamphetamine 18.4 oz $36,800
2016 Total 294 lbs $1,932,938.20

2017 Totals  

Drug Weight Street Value
Heroin 416.72 lbs $7,810,080
Cocaine 130.5 lbs $3,758,400
Marijuana 863.8 lbs $3,887,100
Methamphetamine 6.2 lbs $198,400
2017 Total 1,417.22 lbs $15,653,980


















CJTF seals abandoned and condemned properties in partnership with local government agencies within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to deter the use of illegal narcotics.

To minimize the use of illegal narcotics in the cities of Pottsville and York through the sealing of abandoned and condemned properties within a designated area, CJTF Engineer Support Team sealed 36 abandoned and condemned properties in 2017.









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