Pennsylvania Counterdrug Joint Task Force

The Pennsylvania Counterdrug Joint Task Force (PA CJTF) leverages unique National Guard capabilities to support state and community efforts against illicit drugs and emerging threats. Created by congress in 1989, the Pa. National Guard Counterdrug program is dynamic and constantly evolving. The program changes its shape to adapt to the emerging threats and expectations of the President, Congress, the Department of Defense, the National Guard Bureau, the Governor of Pennsylvania, the Adjutant General of Pennsylvania, and the law enforcement agencies and community organizations it supports. Approved by the Secretary of Defense within the Governors' State Plan, support is provided at no-cost to the agency or organization. The PA CJTF team of counterdrug personnel live and work in communities they serve throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Mission: The Pennsylvania Counterdrug Joint Task Force is operated by the National Guard and provides Counterdrug support to federal, state, local law enforcement agencies, community based organizations, and educational and government organizations that request assistance at no-cost to the agency supported.

Established in conjunction with the CJTF, the Northeast Counterdrug Training Center (NCTC) was formed in 1998. As with the PA CJTF, the services of NCTC are provided at no-cost to the organization. Regional education and training is provided throughout the continental United States. NCTC has demonstrated its ability to identify unfulfilled training needs and design training utilizing military training expertise, innovative technology, best practice policies and procedures. By continually refining its courses and leveraging technology, NCTC remains committed to improving its training and preparing students to meet current and emerging threats. The program is comprised of Air and Army National Guard members headquartered at Fort Indiantown Gap.