Pennsylvania Counterdrug Joint Task Force

Aviation Support

The PA Counterdrug Joint Task Force Aviation Detachment (CJTF-AVN) utilizes specially trained pilots, crew members and two UH-72A Lakota helicopters to perform aerial reconnaissance and observation of suspected illegal drug activity.

CJTF Aviation provides rotary wing air support to law enforcement agencies within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania at no cost to agency.

A trained LEA accompanies CJTF Aviation personnel to provide an aerial vantage point and communications to ground LEAs during various operations.

Operations include but are not limited to:       

    • Vehicle Tracking
    • Buy Busts
    • Buy Follows
    • Photo Missions
    • Aerial Reconnaissance
    • Search Warrants
    • Training
    • Controlled Deliveries
    • Movement of Law Enforcement Officers
    • Command and Control
    • Indoor Grows
    • Eradication

Both dual-engine, auto-pilot equipped, UH-72A helicopters are fitted with a specialized mission equipment package (MEP) used to support counterdrug operations. Equipment includes a Wescam MX-15i day tv/thermal imaging system, Sierra Nevada Tactical Video (TAC-V) Downlink system with both base station and portable handheld video receivers, a 40 million candlepower LS-16 “Nitesun” search light, Wulfsberg communication radios, and dual video recorders.

If you are interested in support from CJTF, please contact us via our contact page.